Watch Japan TV Live Stream With FUJITV Live

FUJITV is the best TV software for Japanese emigrants in the world

FUJTIV provides TV live service for Japanese overseas. Watch 88 Japan TV channels online and on Android and iOS devices. Get full access to the streaming library with breaking News, TV dramas, hit movies, variety, sports, kid shows, and more.

14 days’ Playback

Offer 14 days’ catch-up service. You won’t miss any TV shows.


Collect channels as favorites. Save search time for you.

7 days’ TV Guide

Provide 7 days’ program guide. Know all in advance.

Child Lock

Turn on the child lock. Set up parental control settings.


Download TV programs to your device. Free watch offline anytime. (Only available on iOS)


Easily switch between two language modes: English and Japanese. (Only available on iOS)

Comparision Chart for Various Versions

Item Android iOS Online
14 days’ Playback
Favorites X
7 days’ TV Guide
Program Library
Child Lock X
Download Programs X X
Bilingo X X
Full Screen
Normal Display Window X
Full Access to 88 Channels
Modify Login Password X X
Free Trial Mode
Screen-Locking X X
Show User Info