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The Terms of Use shall be applicable to all visitors of the website and users of our product. FUJITV Live grants you the right to access materials on the website, and download products only for personal use.Any commercial end use of the download is prohibited. FUJITV Live reserves the right to seek all remedies in law and in equity for any violation of the Terms of Use. The revised Terms of Use will be effective when posted on the site.

1. Use of Software
Any product that is available to download or use from our site is the copyrighted work of FUJITV Live. It is necessary to read and accept all the agreements before you use the software,all agreements like a user agreement and a license agreement which accompanies or is included in the package of the softwareIf your use, reproduction or distribution of the software that is not in accordance with the agreements is implicitly prohibited.Since our software is sold world-wide, each user shall comply with the local copyright law, and use the software accordingly and legally.

2. Copyright Statement
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3. Feedback
Any comments, questions, suggestions or any related information regarding the software, this website, services or any other products of our software shall be deemed to be non-confidential. FUJITV Live shall be free to use, disclose, and distribute the Feedback for purposes including but not limited to improving, developing, manufacturing, marketing products or services containing such Feedback.

4. Trademark
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5. Contact Information
If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, or any other questions about our software and services, please feel free to contact our customer service fujitvlive